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The Great Outdoors Begins in Brooklyn Heights
“I’m not in love with the lumberjack thing,” said Jed Lubin, the 29-year-old manager of Hatchet Outdoor Supply Company, a store in Brooklyn Heights. The “lumberjack thing” Mr. Lubin referred to is a certain look common to the city streets (Iron Ranger boots, neoprene shell jackets) sometimes favored by those whose idea of adventure may be an Uber ride to Greenpoint. But Hatchet caters to those who immerse themselves in the great outdoors. In addition to classic clothing brands like Filson, the store stocks portable stoves, backpack tents and, yes, hatchets.

Do people still go camping? Is that still a thing?

Yes. Places the Hamptons are getting more and more like the city. You can go up to the Hudson Valley and it’s like going to Brooklyn, so I think people are getting more adventurous. We get a fair number of people who want family tents. The bigger thing would be footwear. People are looking for a technical boot, which is hard to find outside of an actual hiking store. You want them to be light, with a good grip and ankle support. And if they can be waterproof, that’s always a bonus.

What’s outerwear do you carry that looks good in the city?

We sell Fidelity Sportswear peacoats. They made coats for the Navy during the Korean War. And we have fisherman-style rain slickers, like Rains out of Denmark.

What’s the best way to stay warm in the winter?

The big down parkas, like Canada Goose and Moose Knuckles, you can wear them with just about anything and you’ll be warm. The other way you can go is layers. Start with a merino base layer. We’ve got Woolpower from Sweden. Then you add a mid layer, like Arcteryx Atom LT. It’s synthetic insulation, but synth has come a long way. Synthetics still work when it’s wet. And then you get a shell or a windbreaker.

If I’m going camping in the Catskills for a weekend, what’s a good tent option?

The North Face Stormbreak is a great two-person tent and pretty affordable, and the MSR Hubba Hubba is one of the finest backpacking tents you can get. If you’re traveling alone, we also have a Bush Smarts camping hammock, which has built-in mosquito netting and comes with straps and carabiners to hang the whole setup. It packs down smaller than a sleeping bag.
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